DIY Grow Tent

DIY Grow Tent (Do it yourself Grow Tent)

Large grow tentWell! Of course there really isn’t anything as satisfying as a self made grow tent. One could certainly opt for the option for the love of it. One can use PVC for the frame. The strength of PVC along with its easy ability for  assembly as well as dis-assembly renders it a perfect choice. For the tent cover one could pick up suitable material e.g. ultreflect, which is a black colored canvas, strong and sturdy  and has a reflective mylar coating. Stick on zippers easily available in the market could help you stick the grow tent for support on to a chosen wall like a decal. One could cut out the vents of varying size and number as per requirement. The base could also have either a canvas for easy leaning or containers placed. The rest of the light assembly and other accessories can easily be picked up from the market as per ones choice and need.

Here is a Video on How to make your own grow tent:

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